Introduce Yourself!
  • Hi! I'm Joe, and I am the developer of Chain Gang Chase (the game, and the companion websites). I teach New Media Interactive Development as well as Game Design and Development at Rochester Institute of Technology. This is probably the most ambitious side-project I've tackled to date. I look forward to completing the game, and connecting with the players!
  • I'm Tom, I'm somewhere between a third and fourth year student studying New Media Interactive Development @ R.I.T. Don't currently own an Ouya however am very interested in getting into Ouya development. My skills include web-centric languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript + popular libraries, PHP), mobile application development (Objective-C iOS programming and getting into Android development), as well as posting too much on these forums. :)
  • Hey guys, I'm Changbai, a third year NMID student @ RIT. I'm interested in making games, and, um, other cool stuffs. Currently I want to dig into game networking and new ways of user input, as well as learning more about game design. Looking forward to see and help this game grow!
  • Hello! I'm Jamie, a second-year Game Design student at RIT. I have moderate experience with a variety of languages (Java, JS, basic HTML, Flash, C#, TI Basic) and softwares (Photoshop, Maya, Flash). I've completed two games: a Flash-based space shooter, and a multiplayer card game (currently in playtesting). I look forward to getting back into Java development and expanding it to new projects!
  • Hello! I'm Logan, a fourth-year ANSA major at RIT. Most of my knowledge is working with computers and already-compiled code, but I can code in C++, have moderate HTML skills, can do some Bash and Perl scripting, but mostly I'm good for desktop support, as well as network configuration. I've created a couple simple text-based games, and a side-scroller (Both were years ago, no idea if I still could or not), but the fun fact about me is that I am in Brick City Singers at RIT, and knew Joe from his Surround Sound days =]
  • It looks like I am the odd one out in this situation. The name's Lee and I'm from the south (Savannah, Georgia). I found out about this game because it was on the front of the RIT website. I have dabbled in Javascript, Lua and Python but I haven't really made too much with what little I have learned. I have worked with editors and 3-D programs though.
    Any way, this game looks pretty fun and I would love to help out in any way I can.
  • I am a Certified Newbie here. I am a Drupal (PHP) Developer who has been asked to create a module to allow authenticated users to request Bypass Codes from within Drupal.