Two vs Two (vs Two vs Two) Race!
  • Wouldn't that be cool? Have a pair that shares the controller race against other pairs.

    Part of the fun in CGC is to screw people over. Now you have a legitimate motive! Fighting for the narrow entrances, having to collaborate with other pairs to go through, etc.

    I'll imagine this isn't very complicated to implement either, yes...?
  • It would be very cool!

    I can imaging some poor couplet getting stuck and being unable to free themselves.

    I will definitely get this done in time for a play test. Not the next one, but perhaps the one after that!

    The tricky part will likely be dealing with the camera to accommodate split groups.
  • Hmm, that's true. For a demo, we can probably just call it a feature that forces different groups to stay not too far apart.

    Just curious, is there a schedule for play tests?
  • In addition to that, how about something where if you toggle a certain set of switches, it replaces a gate, so that the opponents (if they haven't gotten through already) have to go back and re-toggle the switches to remove it again.
  • Depending on the development load, we'll likely have a variety of different switches/sensors/gates.

    Some that must be stood on to remain open, others that stay open, others that will reset (like you mentioned!).

    The reason they stay open forever right now is because that makes them very forgiving from a user-interaction perspective. If you happen to go the wrong way, it won't, say, close and trap you in a section, or close over the middle of your gang and trap you that way.