Elements In the World
  • Just about everyone I talk to about the game responds with a "Have you thought about X?" or a "Will it have Y?" or "You should totally Z!" Occasionally, I have thought about X, plan to include Y, or intend to do Z. Quite often, though, someone I talk to makes a really good suggestion. I am open to suggestions, which is what this discussion is all about!

    So! Hit me with your best shot! (just be sure to read through the comments to cut down on re-posts ;-)
  • Obstacles:

    - Trees : The basic obstacle. Collides with players and chains.
    - Fences : Chain can be strung over it, but players can't walk through it.
    - Gates : A gap in a fence that may be opened or closed.
    - Spikes : Protrusions from the ground. On timers.
    - Destructables : Fences that can be busted down with pickaxes.


    - Shiny : Something to collect while running through the world. Can be placed to aid in finding or distract from the right path.


    - Pressure Plates : Can be a trigger for gates. Might be numbered and so tied to a specific player.
    - Scales : Two plates next to each other. Need the right number of players to trigger a gate.

    Ground Characteristics:

    - Normal : Walk here fine.
    - Mud : Walk here slowly.
    - Water : Walk here slowly, throws dogs off the scent.
    - Bridge : Normal ground over mud or water.


    - Each Other : Face it. You're all convicts. It's a prisoner's dilemma.
    - Dogs : You hear their barking in the distance. Don't let them catch you.
    - Bears : You'll stumble upon some. Don't make it angry.
    - Skunks : Causes a cloud of stink that disrupts your view.

    Ending the Level:

    - The Train : At the end of the level will always be train tracks. The train will come and cut your chains ... or run you over ... depending upon how cooperative your fellow convicts are.
  • So that's where I'm at now. I hope to iteratively add all of these features before the OUYA launches.

    As time allows, I'd love to include your suggestions in the game. If not for launch, then for the updates that happen down the road!
  • Some suggestions I just thought of off the top of my head, will probably think of some more in the coming days:

    Ground Characteristics:
    - Ice or snow: causes player to skitter and slide.
    - leaves/foliage: creates a "crunch noise", can alert or alarm nearby enemies.

    - electric fence; similar to the regular fence, however kills on contact if the power isn't turned off (power "switch" could be located near the fence). Half obstacle, half puzzle.

    - Crank gate: a gate which must be manually opened. A player uses a crank to open the gate for others, however this makes him immobile while working the crank. The gate slowly shuts if nobody is manning the crank.
    - spotlight: good old fashioned prison spotlight that sweeps lazily back and forth across the map. Avoid getting spotted in the beam!
  • The end level train would be awesome!

    Currently all the screens are placed vertically, and players can see everything horizontally. It would make the maps more interesting if we can add screen horizontally, so that players have more puzzles to solve and less information to work with.
  • If the spotlight is in play, then there should be some form of cover to hide you from it. Also, I don't think the spikes quite fit with the feel of the game.

    If we implement some form of challenge mode or a set of harder levels, I think we should call it "Maximum Security" or "Supermax."

    Other Ideas:

    - Narrow gap / "Squeeze": Only one prisoner can pass through at a time, at reduced speed. Single-file, please!
    - Guard tower: Raises alarms if players get too close. Alarms summon enemies to the position.
    - Landmine: Watch your step! When stepped on, beeps and blinks for 1 second before exploding.

    Ground characteristics:
    - River / Water: Makes noise based on player's move speed. Pushes players around. Maybe helps deter dogs?

  • VNilla - welcome!

    Excellent ideas all around. The spotlight mode is a ::must:: ... can't believe I didn't think of it myself!

    As for the time-based incentives:

    1. Totally!

    2. Love it!

    3. The train at the end is too much fun to miss. I feel like it's over-penalizing the players for being bad, and is just frustrating (maybe it's a feature that can be turned on in "Supermax" / "Maximum Security"). Since this is effectively a party game, I want to follow the spirit of the "No-Fail Mode" trend that works well in Rockband.
  • RE: train - have it both ways...

    A first-attempt set-time train: if you make it in time, great! If not, a somewhat easier extension map to the next set of tracks (or a sign/timetable that says how long it is until the next train comes by...and some mechanics for hiding from/avoiding capture until the next train comes by (maybe even from the other direction just to make life interesting for those expecting a repeat of the first one).

    Oh, and that light at the end of the tunnel? Yeah, it's the train.
  • In that case, what happens if the train is missed, or if (as frequently happens) not all the chains get cut? Is it that people who are free win completely, and those who are still chained/dead lose completely? Or should there be a second option for those who just didn't get the chains cut, like a second train that comes through (if registered still chained)?
  • We're on track (HAH!) to follow DaddyP317's suggestion - with multiple map-track, map-track, map-track segments, ending with a confrontation with the Sheriff.

    The ultimate goal is to be sure that no one is left out of the game because they died at the first track crossing. They'll come back as Rookie Cops and have a chasing-the-players role.
  • What about those who just didn't get the chains broken?
  • Suggestion: Flooding. Open a gate, water floods from it (kind of like a watery trap.)
  • They keep running and try again at the next crossing.
  • I am just going to swing far from the map topic to something else: Have you considered making the colors of each player different instead of using numbers? This might be easier for people with bad vision to distinguish between players. You could always use both.
  • @TheMainSqueeze - Welcome!

    The intent is actually for the players to be animated characters. They'll have different hair / uniform color / silhouette to distinguish them from their mates.

    We'll have to test all of this, of course. In play testing, folks tended to yell out numbers when trying to get other players to do something. I'm afraid that if we take the numbers away it might get much harder!
  • Hello,
    nice work guys
  • Hello Team,

    I am newly joined in this team.
    Here are a few suggestions which I wanna add
    1: Ground Characteristics:
    SWAMP - if a player falls in it, then he is in for a specified time.

    2. I think we should put up some "Power-ups" so as to get rid of enemies

    MOUSE TRAP which could halt the dogs & bears to come closer for few seconds.
    Next could b a BLOW PUNCH which pushes them away.

    Some power ups could help the team rush away from enemies.

    MAGNET-to get team closer.
    BOOST - to get them move forward from that current position