[bug] map editor doesn't resize properly
  • Hi!
    I noticed the map editor doesn't like it when the window is resized -- seems to be a bootstrap issue. Take a look at the below screenshots:

    regular full-screen view looks fine: http://i.imgur.com/yAoY6lh.png

    resized to tablet-sized view breaks some of the buttons: http://i.imgur.com/66iN3Pv.jpg

    also, the buttons for adding/removing map segments seems to be placed between the grid segments -- it'd be nice if they stayed on the left or right sides of the map segments instead of sandwitched inbetween if that makes sense.
  • Yep, I'm using bootstrap as a crutch. (It's really the only reason the site looks as good as it does as fast as it did). :-)

    With your last paragraph there: Are you happy with where the add/swap/remove buttons are in the full-screen view ... and just critiquing where they end up on the tablet-sized view?

    I'm totally open to suggestions! This editor gets better with each iteration!
  • Yes that's exactly it. I really like the layout in the fullscreen view, but it feels a little awkward in the mobile/tablet view. It's tough though since the screen real-estate is so small.

    I'd keep the buttons in the same spot as they appear on the full size view (along the side of the map), but maybe switch the text on the buttons into icons so it makes the buttons smaller (and easier to position on a mobile view)
  • How's that? It still gets weird on the cusp of between sizes, but it's much better than it was!
  • Much better!